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What does gutter cleaning consist of and how often should I do it?

Gutter cleaning consists of cleaning all debris from gutters and downspouts, and off all accessible roof areas and cleaning up all gutter related debris off the ground. In additon, the worker will identify problem areas and suggest corrective action as a part of our service.

Gutter cleaning is a form of preventive maintenance that can actually prolong the life of your home. For that reason, gutters should be cleaned as often as needed. Generally, most of our customers' have their gutters cleaned two or more times a year depending on the surroundings of their homes (i.e. trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, acorns, sticks and other debris). 

The following are the recommended times to clean your gutters. Please keep in mind you might need even more frequent service, and that each year the weather patterns are a little different and for that reason there is a range in time for each cleaning.

Early Spring:  Clean once in mid to late March just before April showers.  During the rough winter weather the balance of leaves, twigs and debris will fall from the trees.  Early Spring is also the time when birds and animals will begin making their nests.

Late Spring: Once in May or June.  Falling seed buds, blossoms and helicopters clog gutters and downspouts and germinate with spring rains.

Early Fall: Mid to late October.  All summer heavy rains and winds have pulled leaves from trees and washed them into the gutters.  This cleaning will also catch the first wave of shedding fall leaves. Do not wait until late fall, too much debris in gutters and an early freeze can leave you with too much weight in your gutters throughout the winter season.

Late Fall: Final cleaning in late November or early December when the majority of the leaves are down. Do not wait until the last leaves have dropped! With proper and regular gutter maintenance the last few leaves to drop will not clog your gutters.